Submissions to the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide

Closes 14 Oct 2022

Opened 8 Jul 2021


The Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide invites interested members of the public and institutions to make submissions to the Royal Commission using an online form, or the paper form at the end of this page.

The Royal Commission will continue to accept submissions until Friday 14 October 2022.

Making a submission

The online form is designed to capture information that is relevant to the work of the Royal Commission and consistent with the areas of inquiry set out in the Royal Commission's terms of reference. That form is replicated on paper for use by people who have no access to the Royal Commission's website.

The terms of reference for the Royal Commission are included in the Letters Patent, which were made on 8 July 2021.

Before you make a submission, please note that the Commission cannot resolve individual disputes. It cannot fix or award compensation or make orders requiring a party to a dispute to take or not take any action.

The Royal Commission is using one form for all submissions. Not all questions will be relevant to every person or entity making a submission.

The form includes questions about:

  • you (e.g. your name, contact details, whether you identify as being from a particular group)
  • your submission (e.g. what is it about; is it about your own experiences or made on behalf of someone else)
  • which of the Royal Commission's terms of reference your submission is about.

The form also enables you to provide the Royal Commission with other comments including your views on what changes you would like the Royal Commission to recommend.

Your submission may be made anonymously and you do not need to provide your contact details. Your submission will still be reviewed by the Royal Commission even if it is anonymous.

However, if you don't provide contact details we are unable to verify details in your submission with you or provide you with appropriate support services, including counselling.

You may find that thinking about matters that relate to the Royal Commission or the act of making contact with the Royal Commission stirs up strong memories and emotions.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need support. Support services are listed in the Support section of our website.

Counselling Support is also available throughout the Royal Commission.

Your submission may be made public unless you request that it not be made public, or if the Royal Commission considers it should not be made public. That will usually only occur for reasons associated with fairness. Submissions that are made public may include redactions made as the Royal Commission considers appropriate. You may request that, if your submission is made public, it is made public anonymously.

Completing as much of the form as possible will assist the Royal Commission to identify issues and trends. Your assistance is very much appreciated.

If you are concerned about issues relating to more than one person, you may wish to complete a separate submission for each person.

If you have concerns that information that you are considering providing to the Royal Commission may be defamatory, you should consider seeking independent legal advice.

How your information will be used

The information you give to the Royal Commission is provided to help the Royal Commission with its work and will be used only for the purposes of the Royal Commission.

The Royal Commission may contact some individuals or entities that make submissions. The Commission will not contact everyone who makes a submission, but will ensure that all submissions are recorded, reviewed and used to inform the Commission's work.

The information you provide may be published by the Royal Commission during its proceedings or in its reports without revealing the identity of the person or entity who supplied the information. At the conclusion of the Royal Commission all of its records, including submissions, will become subject to requests under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the FOI Act). Royal Commissions are not subject to the FOI Act while they are in operation.

Hardcopy version of submission form

If you prefer to use a paper form, the Royal Commission would still like to hear from you. You can download a printable version [PDF], print it out, fill it in, and mail it to: GPO Box 3273, Sydney NSW 2001.

If you are unable to print the form, you can ring the Royal Commission on 1800 329 095 (9:00 am to 7:00 pm AEST Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) and we will post a form to you.

Thank you

It is not possible for the Royal Commission to follow up every submission it receives. However, every submission will be recorded, and reviewed. The Commission thanks you for making a submission, and for assisting the Commission with its work.